Micro-commission: The Secret Elevator by Nishla Smith


We are so excited to bring you the very first in our series of micro-commissions – short, original compositions for the digital era.

​The first commission is The Secret Elevator by Ulita,  who are lead writer and composer Nishla Smith, composer and musical director Tom Harris, and visual artist and designerLuca Shaw.

The Secret Elevator blends poetry, music and visuals to tell the episodic adventures of a rogue elevator, who kidnaps its unwitting occupants, and takes them on unwanted adventures. This first episode follows Nathan and Kate as their afternoon in a ‘very tall building full of important people’ is interrupted by an impromptu journey deep underground, to meet subterraneous crustaceans, and encounter the mythical river Lethe. ​

Nishla’s spoken word and singing is dreamy, and the story is both relatable and fantastical. Tom’s piano brings real drama and emotion to the piece, and Luca’s illustration and animation is so distinctive – something fresh and so totally different to what you might usually encounter on social media.

Ulita have created something elevated, dramatic and heartfelt, and it is both strange and brilliant to see this work premiered on Instagram. We hope there will be many more episodes of The Secret Elevator.

​Keep an eye out for more micro-commissions in the coming months!

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