Date: 10.09.2022 2:00 pm

Dee Byrne & Cath Roberts

The Storey Lecture Theatre Duration: 60 minutes

After working together since 2013 on many projects, both as musicians and organisers of LUME, this duo is a stripped-back way for the two players to explore their musical connection. Starting in 2019 with acoustic saxophone improvisations, the project has recently grown to explore electronics in different ways: Dee using effects pedals, and Cath using tabletop synths and a sampler. Saxophones and electronics open up new soundworlds, and each improvised duo set goes somewhere totally fresh. The duo’s debut album ‘Disembark!’ was released on the Luminous label in 2020.

Dee Byrne – alto saxophone, electronics

Cath Roberts – baritone saxophone, electronics

Photo by Nuno Correia

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