Lancaster Priory, Priory Close, Lancaster, LA1 1YZ

Lancaster Priory

Getting there and away

Lancaster Priory is 500 metres from Lancaster rail station.

You can access Lancaster Priory on foot via the medieval Priory Steps at the top of St Mary’s Parade, or from Castle Park passing the Crown Court.

For Sat Nav: LA1 1YZ.

If you need disabled parking, please call the Priory office on 01524 65338 in advance to confirm availability.

About the venue

Though Lancaster Priory is a heritage building, it is wheelchair accessible from the main door, centre aise and north aisle, sanctuary, Gaia Cafe with wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Get in touch with Lancaster Priory in advance so they can make sure there are the right number of wheelchair spaces with reserved PA seats.  They can reserve a parking space in advance too.

The hearing loop is on all the time.

Lancaster Jazz Festival is made possible by